2014, 2015 Cute baby pictures Planners and Calendars

Baby photographs on calendars and planners

Baby pictures are heart warming. Who can avoid smiling when seeing cute smiling or sleeping infants and toddlers? These calendars feature the photographs of Anne Geddes, Rachel Hale and Kelly Ryden & Tracy Raver.

I've also found you a cartoon calendar based around the usual chaos to be found surrounding a multi-kid family plus other brilliant calendars featuring babies.

Famous Babies by Anne Geddes 2014, 2015 Calendar

Perpetual & 12 Month Calendars

Cute Baby Calendars are sure to delight just about anyone who loves pictures of sweet adorable babies. Award-winning author and photographer Anne Geddes is beloved the world over for her iconic images of babies. Capturing the beauty, purity, vulnerability, and preciousness of babies and children, her photographs embody her deeply held belief that every child must be protected, nurtured and cherished.

The Anne Geddes calendars feature a diverse range of beautiful new baby images from Anne's latest gift books along with some from older books.

What is unique about Anne Geddes work is the way she poses newborns in fun, cute and touching settings. Dressed up or nude, in flowers, pots and pumpkins, as bees, in cabbages and trees. It's amazing how she can make them look peaceful or happy - while evidently having done her very best to create a stunningly artificial environment for them - all the while making it look natural.

Looking through her work I'm struck with the fact that she doesn't limit herself to Caucasian babies - some of her most beautiful photographs are of brown-skinned infants (with or without their parents). Beautiful pictures full of contrast and vulnerability.

There are also editions that are engagement planners and ones that are mini versions that hang on a wall.

Anne Geddes Calendars and Planners

Calendars and planners featuring the art photography of Anne Geddes - usually with babies and infants in the limelight. Anne Geddes is a self-taught Australian-born...

When my baby dreams
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When my baby dreams

My Baby Dreams Wall Calendar

12 month calendar

My Baby Dreams Wall Calendar

As she watched her newborn daughter, Mila, sleep, Photographer Adele Enersen wondered "When my baby dreams, what does she see?

Each month is a delightful scene crafted out of a few simple props and stars cute, adorable baby Mila. So very cute and adorable these are published each year with new and different photographs

2015 Cute Baby Calendars - Animal and human babies

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Baby Blues Desk Calendar

12 month Calendar

Baby Blues Desk Calendar

This baby Blues Calendar, tells family life as it really is.

Most multi-kid families have this in common - Band-Aids are always in short supply; tooth-ache hits just when the bills are stacking up; and of course, according to kids silence is never a good thing.

Sleeping Beauties Desk Calendar
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Sleeping Beauties Desk Calendar

Sleeping Beauties Planners and Calendars

by Kelly Ryden & Tracy Raver

Kelly Ryden and Tracy Raver make wonderful photographs of babies. Kelly takes the pictures, Tracy is responsible for the scenery and crafts involved. Both are very good at keeping the babies comfortable and happy - and it shows. They have a variety of different versions of their Sleeping Beauties to choose from.

Their wonderful photographs of newborn babies in natural settings were spotlighted on a national TV in the USA and immediately became an international sensation.

Kelly and Tracy also organize workshops on how to make these pictures.

The planners start in August and go through until December the next year. While the Sleeping Beauties 12 Month Wall Calendars cover from January through December of the same year. All are just plain adorable!

Hawaii Trade Calendar Beautiful Babies of Hawaii

A fun calendar that combines both babies and gorgeous Hawaiian scenery. You get a bit of a bonus with this one because it starts in November of the previous year and runs through all of the upcoming year plus the months of January and February of the one after that. Includes the holidays celebrated in the U.S. and Hawaii for the year, too.

2015 Trade Calendar, Beautiful Babies of Hawaii
2015 Trade Calendar, Beautiful Babies of Hawaii

Hawaii Trade Calendar. Beautiful images from the Hawaiian Islands, including sunsets, flowers and culture. This 16 month trade calendar measures approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches.


Baby's First Year Calendars - Your little bundle from heaven

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Now aren't these babies cute? 10 comments

samithpich 19 months ago

I love baby photos! Thats why I became a baby photographer :)

Emaily LM profile image

Emaily LM 2 years ago

oh, really cccccccccccccute

Deeksha 3 years ago

Wow.... Cute ones..

rasisonia lm profile image

rasisonia lm 3 years ago

they are very cute........... wanna kiss them...

piplaw lm profile image

piplaw lm 3 years ago

Loved the pics, very cute!

WildFacesGallery profile image

WildFacesGallery 3 years ago from Iowa

These are so charming. :)

EARS 4 years ago

Really cute! â¥

MessyJess 4 years ago

oh my goodness, they are all so cute! <3

awesomeamber 4 years ago

omg! too cute!

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 5 years ago from California

Yes, they are very cute! I didn't realize Anne Geddes had been doing baby photography for so long. Some of those babies must be college graduates by now.

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